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Camps and Clinics

5 years ago

Lock Haven University Wrestling Camps 2016


Lock Haven University Wrestling Camps are one of the most tradition-rich and historical camp systems in America. Our 2016 Camps will be held on the beautiful  updated campus of Lock Haven University. This year we will be offering seven unique camps, including a Father-Son Education Camp, Elementary Instruction,  Junior High Competition, Specialized Technique, High School Team Competition, Seven-Day Intensive Training and  our College Style Training Camp. Each of these camps offer world class instruction from past champions and by coaches who have developed cham­pions. Take a moment to read below about what each of our camps offer. We look forward to working with you this summer and appreciate your support of our  program.


Father-Son Education ( Ages 6-12) - June 24-26, 2016  (New) Resident $175.00 (per family member)

Special Curriculum from Charlie Brenneman Included

Learn from our entertaining staff how to build a great bond through wrestling. Educational topics will be included in this camp to help support  mental and physical growth with focus on fun and fundamentals. This will be a great weekend  for the whole family.

Elementary Instruction Camp (Ages 6-12) June 24-26, 2016- $150 (Commuter Only) No night sessions

Learn from our young and energetic staff how to have fun and develop in the sport of wrestling. Basic skills, agilities and wrestling positions will be taught with the idea of getting your youngster excited about the sport. Surround your son/daughter around some great mentors and educators during this camp.

Specialized Technique - Two Options - June 23-26, 2016 (Ages 10-18) $290/Commuter $235

Option 1-Top and Pinning at its best– learn the positions and technique used to ride, turn, and pin the best in the country. Each session will emphasize top work including legs, cradles, tilts and bar-arms. The LHU coaching staff will teach you to be aggressive and score from the top position and counter attacks. Back points win matches, get your top series at this camp!

Option 2– Takedowns and Chain Wrestling-If you want to be one of the best, you must have excellent chain wrestling. From set-ups to finishes this camp will emphasize scoring from your feet and making a quick transition once you get to the mat. Hand fighting, movement, under-hooks, front heads locks and leg attacks will be your specialty after finishing this great camp.

 Junior High Competition Team (Grade 5-9)July 10-13,2016 (Housed in the A/C Fairview Suites/REC Center) $305/Commuter $235

This camp was a huge success last year and we  are looking forward to expanding the field this year by adding advanced elementary wrestlers into  the team aspect of the camp. (During the  same week as HS Team Camp.).There will be a strong emphasis on technique development and skill instruction as well as a dual tournament throughout the camp. Campers will compete in  an individual tournament on the last day of camp.

 High School Team Competition (HOUSING IN NEW A/C SUITES) - July 10-13, 2016 $325/Commuter $265

Take advantage of this opportunity to compete against some great schools in a dual meet setting. Every wrestler will have the opportunity to wrestle 12-15 matches while building team  unity. Technique sessions will be held throughout the camp. Individuals are welcome and will be added to a team. This camp will be hosted in the Student Rec Center, which is a state of the art facility located right next to the dorms.

7 -Day Intensive Training Camp (HOUSING IN NEW A/C SUITES) - July 10-16, 2016 $575/Commuter $425

This camp will meet all your expectations and prepare you to beat the toughest competition. Circuit training, outdoor workouts, competition, specific technique sessions and more. If you want to experience what it takes to compete in college, this is the camp for you. Spend a week training with our staff and team while staying in the new A/C Fair-view Suites. Hard work, Discipline and Consistency at its best. Campers will compete in the Dual tournament and Individual tournament, along with extra training and technique sessions throughout the week.

College Style Training Camp (HOUSING IN NEW A/C SUITES) - July 14-16, 2015 $225/Commuter $175

Are you looking to wrestle at the next level? Does your work ethic match your goals?  Train with our team and staff in an environment geared for success. Train hard, play hard , but most importantly learn how to win big by scoring points from every position.  Experience the Lock Haven Wrestling program first hand by taking advantage of this great opportunity. (Limited to 40 wrestlers)

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